Switzerland 2012!

If you had to pick the best way to spend a week, surely cruising with two great friends in a convertible through Switzerland would have to rank up there.  We camped, we laughed, we soaked in the picture-book countryside.  Such good times!

Our route (May 26th – June 1st 2012):

  • Day 1: Ulm to Basel via Freiburg
  • Day 2: Basel to Interlaken via Bern
  • Day 3: Interlaken (paragliding for Enda & Marriette!)
  • Day 4: Interlaken to Lago Maggiore (Italy) via a couple still-closed Alpine passes
  • Day 5: Lago Maggiore to Bregenz (Austria) via Zurich and Konstanz (Germany)
  • Day 6: Bregenz to Munich via Vaduz (Lichtenstein!) and Garmisch-Partenkirchen


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