No need to make this description out like an online dating profile!  There are a few things though that I’m proud of:

First and foremost, an incredibly supportive family and a great group of friends.  Then there’s Fat Tire Bike Tours in Berlin and City Segway Tours in Berlin & Munich.  These are my babies ;-)  I’m blessed with insanely qualified teams with my companies and that allows me the ability to travel and pursue my hobbies.

The to-do list!  Here’s some of the list, both completed and for the (near) future:

  • Make sure I travel to an average of at least one new country per year: check
  • Get my Instrument Rating: check
  • Skydive: check
  • Climb Kilimanjaro: check
  • Run a marathon: check
  • Earn my paragliding certification: check
  • Scuba dive: check & work-in-progress
  • Lots of cross-country cycling: check & work-in-progress. Check out Javier’s blog to read about our bike trip through southern Mexico in 2010.

Still to do:

  • Learn Spanish fluently
  • Sit courtside at a Mavs game
  • Go to a Longhorn’s Bowl victory
  • Bike the 120km Velothon in under three hours (current best is 3:05)
  • Take short flying trips in Europe (first one planned for end of August 2012!)
  • Fly over the Atlantic
  • Earn my skydiving certification
  • See the Egyptian pyramids
  • Go to a filming of the Daily Show

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